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PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Program DETAIL VIEW
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PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Program

  • All Skin Types

  • Morning & Evening


  • Quantity / Price 15ml*3 / HK$7,100
  • Keyword Anti-aging, Wrinkle care, Skin refining, Energy recharging
Product Features Product Details

Epidynamic Activating Program

3-step program designed for the ultimate skin condition

PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Program was developed to provide intricate care by step by paying attention to the declining skin condition due to aging. The 3-step program devised only for the skin provides an ideal skin condition by refining, recharging and reserving skin step by step.

A crystal of 10 years of research and repeated experiment

AbsoluTea™ Concentrate containing green tea heritage

AbsoluTea™, the exclusive ingredient of the PRIME RESERVE Collection, is born from precious green tea created by continuous research and experiment on green tea.
AbsoluTea™ Concentrate is obtained from rare green tea leaves harvested during autumn, the season when the highest catechin content is produced. It is exclusively contained in PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Program.

Exceptional 3-Step Program for Dignified Skin

Epidynamic Activating Program I Activated by Green Tea Leaf The first step for creating precious skin is preparing the skin to receive active substances by purifying the skin with a supply of moisture and by improving the amount of dead skin cells through the turnover of the skin with green tea lactobacillus derived from green tea leaves.

Epidynamic Activating Program II Activated by Green Tea Root The second step after refining the skin is providing energy.
The green tea roots containing energy from deep in the ground after passing several seasons charge the skin with energy, make the skin healthy, and revitalize the skin by firming up the skin texture.

Epidynamic Activating Program III Activated by Green Tea Flower The last step for ultimate skin treatment is completed with the help of green tea flower. The ingredients of green tea flower extract and EGCG improve skin elasticity, even texture and complete an ultimate skin condition by taking care of signs of aging.

Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips

Suggested Dosage 2~3 pumps (0.4g~0.6g)
How to use ① Apply an appropriate amount and spread evenly over face after eye care regimen.
② Use fingertips smoothly tap to allow the formula to fully absorb.
③ Gently press the face with the palms to sooth and finish.
* This product is rich in active ingredients and should not be stored in high temperature. And natural ingredients can be discolored.
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