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TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Masque DETAIL VIEW
  • TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Masque 정면

TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Masque

  • All Skin Types

  • Morning & Evening

  • Quantity / Price 24G x 6 sheets / HK$1,200
  • Keyword Nourishment, Targeted Care, Anti-aging, wrinkle, elasticity
Product Features

TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Masque

AMOREPACIFIC presents another globally exclusive product in Hong Kong – TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Masque. It contains four-season green tea essence and helps the skin regain gentleness, softness, moisture and resilience, giving it a young look instantly.

· Contains first harvested green tea from early spring which rejuvenates the skin.
· Green tea theanine and caffeine boost skin's anti-aging power and provide special care on problem areas.
· The bio-cellulose sheet contains fermented botanical agents that gently adhere to the skin, quickly delivering the active agents..

Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips

  • Unfold masque and remove one side of the protective film.

  • Hold the masque by the side, place it over your face, and adjust.

  • Fix the masque with one hand and remove the protective film with the other.

  • Gently press the masque with your fingers so that every inch of the masque touches the face. Take the masque off after 20 minutes and pat gently to help skin absorb the residue.

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