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  • All Skin Types

  • Morning & Evening

  • Quantity / Price 90ML / HK$720
  • Keyword Fluid, Highly Moisturizing, Highly Nourishing
Product Features


The light, soft fluid formula of THE ESSENTIAL CREME FLUID delivers plenty of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients deep into the skin.

CREME FLUID, the new light-textured formula with fast absorption power, fortifies skin’s moisturizing power for hydrating the skin all day long. Tea Essentials is a synergetic blend of green tea polysaccharides, green tea seed oil, and green tea vitamins from 150 tender green tea leaves. It can significantly enhance the moisturizing and antioxidizing capability of skin, restoring skin texture and firmness. Right after the First Moment when skin’s moisturizing power is at the highest level after face washing, CREME FLUID controls the Second Moment™,when skin’s moisturizing ability rapidly drops, to maintain skin’s moisturized and nourished all day long. To maintain skin’s optimal moisturized condition, AMOREPACIFIC proposes a 3-step Basic Ritual regimen. Use along with AMOREPAICIFC ALL DAY BALANCING CARE SERUM and MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Creme, CREME FLUID will provide greater effects to your skin.

The Story of the Masterpiece THE ESSENTIAL CREME FLUID
AMOREPACIFIC Introducing the Unprecedented Masterpiece! THE ESSENTIAL CREME FLUID
The Birth of the Masterpiece in Skincare! Created by AMOREPACIFIC
Now, your skin will become a work of art.
Timeless beauty through long research at AMOREPACIFIC and mystique of Asian botanical ingredients are completed through the most advanced technology combined with perfect artisanship. Based on solid faith to complete timeless beauty, AMOREPACIFIC has continued research on the accurate delivery of the best ingredients full of season’s vitality to skin through the most advanced and innovative technology. Now, be ready to meet the masterpiece of skincare born from long, tireless research at AMOREPACIFIC.
The first-ever CREME FLUID gets absorbed like breath and adds greater depth to richness. The masterpiece of skincare is made complete with refreshing fluid added with the richness of creme: the one and only CREME FLUID. The first-ever CREME FLUID captures the rich nutrients of creme in a light, refreshing fluid formula to maintain long-lasting moisturizing power in skin.
How did AMOREPACIFIC think of containing the richness of creme into the freshness of fluid? Innovation, not Evolution toward Beauty In order to deliver nutrients deep into skin faster and more easily, AMOREPACIFIC paid attention to the fluid formula. AMOREPACIFIC discovered that, if rich and deep nutrients with strong moisturizing power could be in a fluid formula that can be absorbed fast and deeply into skin, dehydration and dryness in skin can be improved; thus, it began to research how to synergize creme’s functions into fluid. The research, which started from rediscovering fluid, led to the creation of the first-ever CREME FLUID formula.
While you never notice of the Second Moment which determinates the moisture retainability in skin, CREME FLUID offers a different level of depth in moisturization. Our skin maintains the highest level of moisturizing power immediately after face washing, but the level of moisture retainability rapidly drops after that. AMOREPACIFIC paid attention to the Second Moment, which determines moisture retainability in skin. Discover the difference in your skin with increased moisture retainability when THE ESSENTIAL CREME FLUID is applied.
The precious vitality of 150 young and tender green tea leaves are captured in one bottle of CREME FLUID. Tea Essentials containing the precious vitality of green tea Top-quality green tea leaf is harvested from the AMOREPACIFIC tea plantation on Jeju Island
Tea Essentials containing rich moisturizing ingredients obtained from 150 young and tender green tea leaves in the form of micro capsules which are absorbed into skin fast and deeply to fortify skin barrier and skin’s own moisturizing ability.

The refined process is completed with AMOREPACIFIC’s artisanship gave birth to the special formula unique to CREME FLUID. Neutra-melting Emulsion, the aging and cooling process, fully captures rich moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Neutra-melting Emulsion is AMOREPACIFIC’’s exclusive technology to stabilize the fluid formula at specific temperatures. The technology makes the uniquely special light fluid formula enriched with deeply moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that are effective on skin. Through the CREME FLUID formula, which feels like melted creme on skin, you will experience a feeling of hydration surging from the depths of your skin.
Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips

  • Pump 1~2 times onto the palm and divide among the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

  • Evenly apply while circling from the center of the chin to the cheeks and around the eye zone.

  • Sweep upward from the chin to the forehead to the cheeks until fully absorbed to finish.

Suggested Dosage Dosage for one application: Pump 1~2 times.
Directions: Use in the morning and evening, after the toner step
How to Use ① Pump 1~2 times onto the palm and divide among the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.
② Evenly apply while circling from the center of the chin to the cheeks and around the eye zone.
③ Sweep upward from the chin to the forehead to the cheeks until fully absorbed to finish.
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