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  • TIME RESPONSE Skin Reserve Serum face
  • TIME RESPONSE Skin Reserve Serum Formulation

TIME RESPONSE Skin Reserve Serum

  • All Skin Types

  • Morning & Evening

  • Quantity / Price 30ML / HK$3,650
  • Keyword Anti-aging, intensive care, moisture, skin balancing, moisturization, tone, elasticity
Product Features

TIME RESPONSE Skin Reserve Serum

This concentrated, anti-aging serum contains powerful blend of Asian botanicals rich in antioxidants to protect the skin and target the signs of aging.

•TIME RESPONSE delivers the power of transcending time with ‘ChronoT™’, the anti-aging factor derived from AMOREPACIFIC’s extraordinary greentea with ‘Dual-Infusion’ extraction technology, caring skin moisture and wrinkle forming factors affected by circadian rhythm.
•The extract of the first harvested greentea, grown from Dolsongi Tea Garden of AMOREPACIFIC, delivers the youth energy and powerful moisture to the skin.
•High concentration of precious green tea flower essential oil and Asian botanical ingredients delivers intensive and continuous anti-aging benefits.

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