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Youth Revolution Skin Revitalizing Experience

An intensive brightening and moisturizing experience, provides youthful radiance and healthy vitality to the skin by regenerating nourishment and luminosity instantly.

70 mins/HK$1,500


  1. Featuring the YOUTH REVOLUTION Collection that contains the essence of precious white peony and green tea polysaccharide, purifying and rejuvenating dull and aged skin to restore youthful radiance.
  2. Paired with MOISTURE BOUND Collection, helps to strengthen moisture-holding capability, replenishing moisture and nourishment for a more supple and resilient skin.
  3. Unique Korean acupuncture point massage to promote permeation of the essence deep into the skin.


Rejuvenate skin’s vitality, allowing you to instant regain the brightness and youthful radiance for a healthy hydrated skin.

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