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  • YOUTH REVOLUTION Radiance Creme & Masque 정면
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YOUTH REVOLUTION Radiance Creme & Masque

  • All Skin Types

  • Morning & Evening



  • Quantity / Price50ML / HK$1,400
  • Keyword Wrinkle & Brightening
Product Features

YOUTH REVOLUTION Radiance Creme & Masque

The creme with the function of sleeping masque in the creamy sherbet texture contains white peony and green tea polysaccharide. It protects the skin from an external environment and provides youthful radiance by providing moisture and nourishment to the skin.

•The precious white peony ingredient is obtained by slowly infusing white peony at sixty degrees for twenty four hours and purifying the extract five times. The slow extraction method extracts white peony’s various core effective substances at an optimal temperature, instead of applying extreme heat, in order to protect the active substances. Green tea polysaccharide, which was discovered based on research on green tea and heritage, is a highly concentrated ingredient obtained via extracting the polysaccharide component from various components of green tea leaves. It makes the skin look clean and protects the skin from the external environment.
•This creme & masque in the creamy sherbet texture is made in a transforming texture that changes into a watery texture as it is rubbed on the skin in a circular motion. It is a dual functional product that can be used as creme during the daytime and as a leave-on masque with applying more amount at night to provide intensive care to the skin.
•It takes care of three kinds of Aging Dust™ * that make the skin look dull as it accumulates on the skin. It provides a healthy skin base by activating skin purifying function and by strengthening the skin.

* Aging Dust™ refers to three kinds of aging signs: skin glycation that makes the skin look dull and rough; oxidant substance that lowers skin firmness; and uneven skin tone caused by pigmentation.

Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips

Suggested Dosage Take an appropriate amount and evenly apply on the skin.
How to Use Apply after using serum in the morning and at night.
① Gently apply an appropriate amount on the entire face and absorb it entirely.
② For the skin around the eyes and mouth, use fingertips to provide detailed care.
③ To use it as sleeping masque, apply twice the regular amount and wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.
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