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Revitalizing skincare powered by
Korean Botanical Mystery

AMOREPACIFC is Korea‘s No. 1 beauty corporation. Our founder, Mr. Sung-Whan Suh has a firm belief in the healing power of precious botanicals, which led him on a worldwide beauty expedition in search for inspirations. He is so impressed by the legends of plants for beauty that he believes the gift of high performance revitalizing skincare powered Korean Botanical Mystery must be shared with women around the worlds.

First Sprouted Green Tea Leaves

AMOREPACIFIC has its own green tea field of 35.6 million square feet on Jeju Island. After decades of research, AMOREPACIFIC discovered that first sprouted green tea leaves handpicked by mater craftsmen before 10am within the 15 days prior to Grain Rain in early Spring are most potent in color, scent and vitality, containing an antioxidant 200 times stronger than vitamin E.

Fast Action by Science
Cutting Edge Technology

AMOREPACIFIC has ceaselessly pushed the boundary in beauty since the establishment of Korea‘s first specialist laboratory in botanical skin technology in 1954. Our pioneering collaborative research with globally renowned institutes and prestigious universities has led to the invention of the 3-Step: Extract-Stabilize-Apply technology, which has given us the power to extract highly active substances from natural Asian botanicals. The microfluidics technology facilitates the instantaneous permeation of highly concentrated antioxidant essence deep into dermis and renews skin cells with matchless efficacy.

Brand Mission

As the eponymous luxury brand of AMOREPACIFIC, we are dedicated to elevating beauty through our carefully-selected Asian botanicals and cutting edge technology. We strive to realize any dreams for timeless beauty with the high performance revitalizing skincare powered by Korean Botanical Mystery.

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