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The product of nature reverses the clock of youth: green tea of four seasons

Exclusive anti-aging effect in the legacy of green tea. A heartfelt labor to harvest tea at a limited time. The founder's passion for growing green tea farms. The best gift for natural skin. The passion for tea and the result of love for the earth.

  • 봄 녹차잎

    Spring First Harvest Known to live for 1,000 years, the tea tree is a mysterious plant that sprouts tender buds every spring. For centuries, Koreans have experienced the essence of spring by drinking spring’s first harvest tea brewed from young buds. The first harvest tea at green tea plantations on eco-friendly Jeju Island is made of tea leaves picked during a short period of time, approximately 20 days from April 5 to 20, at the crack of dawn when the energy of the day is the purest and cleanest. Each leaf is hand-picked one by one to produce one of the most precious teas in the world, and the perfectly made first harvest tea captures the pure vitality of spring.

  • 여름 녹차밭

    Summer Peak Season The fresh and innocent vitality of spring matures by summer and gathers strength. The vitality of green tea turns greener from the intense sun and cool breeze. When tea leaves grow darker and thicker, stems and leaves also burst with the eco-green force of life. Light green in spring turns to dark green to amplify the energy of the ripe season, and green tea plantations are packed with the mature energy of green tea.

  • 가을 녹차꽃

    Flowering in Autumn The green tea flower blooming in the fall is the symbol of innocent, simple, and elegant beauty. In this season, tea trees reach their peak force by blooming flowers. Elegantly fragrant like green tea, beautiful green tea flowers express the depth of the Korean spiritual world where life is a pursuit of nature and harmony. Autumn in green tea plantations ripens with elegant flowers and a subtle, delicate scent.

  • 겨울 녹차밭

    Regeneration in Winter When it snows white on Mount Halla on Jeju Island, green tea plantations have the long rest they deserve. Unlike most plants shriveling and shedding leaves and flowers, tea trees maintain hard, green leaves to withstand the frost. The beautiful energy of green tea flowers from autumn results in the seed, a form of highly concentrated energy, which waits while the long winter passes. The vast green plantations must endure a long time of suffering to bear the fruit of life.



Bamboo sap, the water of nutrients from earth

Heartfelt labor to harvest bamboo sap in a limited time. The most ideal moisturizing ingredient and hydration for the body. Bamboo sap is harvested on special dry days in the month of May and June with Beautiful Purchase to secure the finest ingredients.

  • 대나무 숲

    AMOREPACIFIC spent years searching for Daegol Village in Sacheon region in South Gyeongsang Province where three generations of families had grown bamboos and discovered the mysterious effects of bamboo sap. To understand the effect of bamboo sap on beauty, AMOREPACIFIC repeatedly research to discover that bamboo had some ingredients most similar to water found in the human body. Furthermore, AMOREPACIFIC proved that bamboo plant cells could help create natural moisturizing factors in skin stimulating its tissues’ own growth, the ingredient most compatible with the human body turned out to be none other than bamboo sap.

  • 대나무 수액

    In the bamboo village, the harvest of bamboo sap is allowed only on a handful of special, dry days in May and June. The second knot of bamboo trees aged between two and three years is cut to collect sap, one drop at a time from sundown until dawn the next morning. Strongly believing that the earth and environment grow plants which in turn deliver goodness to man, AMOREPACIFIC signed a “Beautiful Purchase” contract with Daegol Village to conserve the original production site and help sustainable development of the local community.



Red ginseng extract, the concentrated energy of roots

Effects of resilience and wrinkle cares from red ginseng. A concentration of sun and earth energies. “Beautiful Purchase” to secure top-quality ingredients.

  • 홍삼밭

    Since the ancient times, the mysterious effect of ginseng has been widely recognized in Asia. After all, the skin of people who ate red ginseng for a long period of time was known to be soft without wrinkles. For more than 40 years, AMOREPACIFIC researchers studied the effects of ginseng and experimented with red ginseng extract on skin but the results were negligible. The solution they found was simple: “When you eat red ginseng, skin looks better.” So, researchers treated saponins of red ginseng with digestive enzymes and found a remarkable effect that improved skin texture. However, to gain 1 gram of active ingredient, they needed 16 roots of top-quality red ginseng.

  • 홍삼잎

    Red ginseng is a root, a concentration of earth energy. Thus, it depletes the soil to a point where it is known among ginseng famers that the land where ginseng was planted must be rested for several years to regrow ginseng. Originally started in Gaeseong, a region famous for Korean ginseng, AMOREPACIFIC only uses Korean-grown, organic ginseng. Korean ginseng is a special variety of the highest quality and with a highest content of saponins. AMOREPACIFIC has eight Korean and global patents on technologies that deliver the mystery of ginseng to the human skin.

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