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Signature upgraded TIME RESPONSE Collection


The Secret of Skin Vitality Found at the Peak of Korean Botanicals
AMOREPACIFIC’s signature upgraded TIME RESPONSE Collection, a technological breakthrough unveiling the anti-aging mystery of the precious green tea leaves, completely redefines the law of time by reviving skin with precious Korean botanicals.

Naturally-Bred Skin Revitalizing Mystery
Started over 30 years ago, AMOREPACIFIC’s Dolsongi Tea Garden is uniquely located in Jeju to cultivate the most precious green tea leaves under the huge temperature variation formed by daytime warm sea breeze and chilly winds from Halla Mountain at night. Only the first sprouted green tea leaves hand-picked within 15 days prior to Grain Rain of early Spring carry the most miraculous antioxidizing effects, empowering eternal skin revitalization.

Precious Green Tea Elixir for Astounding Revitalizing Effects
ChronoT™, the ultimate anti-aging ingredient extracted from the rarest green tea using the unique Dual-Infusion extraction technology, can repair the damaged genes by turning back the clock of skin to deliver effective age-defying results. Using the brand new Slow Brew technology, 53% more high-purity amino acid nutrients are extracted for more impeccable effects, while the Catechin concentration is boosted by 36% through the Guard Infusion technology.

Defying Age by Turning Back the Clock
AMOREPACIFIC extracts the powerful antioxidizing energy from the first sprouted green tea leaves and ChronoT™ with years of continued innovation and relentless pursuit of perfection, successfully redefines the time dimension of the skin by presenting the signature Korean botanical TIME RESPONSE Collection with stunning time-leaping effects.
Past -Improve skin elasticity by rebuilding the collagen loss over time.
Present -Defy aging by repairing the moisturizing and wrinkle-inhibiting genes damaged due to time and environmental influences.
Future -Turn back skin’s clock by inhibiting aging genes in skin cells.

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